Thursday, 17 April 2014

Two Groups meeting........

Today saw our two groups meeting in the same hall.  Diversity members, who are also VSS members, met in a corner of the room to discuss where they are heading with this year's project "the journey".  Both groups meeting on the same day is not ideal as space is at a premium, and Diversity members often need more space for paints and other wet media.  It's a recipe for disaster trying to work with these processes when there are lots of people moving about, no one wants to spoil anyone else's work with splashes of dye or paint!  So it's with much relief that the Diversity girls will be able to resume their meetings on Wednesday's from next month, now that the room is no longer needed by Town Hall staff on that day.   Below you can see Jenny, Cath and Carol with samples of Gwen's work left,  Jenny's center,  and Cath's designs laying on the table.

We discussed further designs needed for the Group Charity Raffle Quilt which Helen Bush (seen below) is drawing for us.  All the applique blocks have been returned completed now, embroidered and quilted.  Helen will be working on some quilting stencil designs for the corner blocks and setting triangles which surround four on-point applique blocks making up the centre of the quilt.  Rozanne has volunteered, (or was she coerced?) to do the hand quilting on these blocks, and yesterday a trip was made to our local fabric shop in Torre del Mar, with the completed applique blocks, where after much trial and error and patience from the sales lady, a pretty fresh looking fabric has been chosen for the sashing and binding to complete the quilt.

Two more of the butterfly blocks for the raffle quilt
Don't forget to pop over to our website to see more blocks and follow progress as it's made on this quilt.

Marilyn spent the morning this week showing Jacqueline how to bobbin lace.  Although I didn't get round to asking Jacqueline, it looks as though this wasn't entirely the first time she's tried this technique as she was well set up with her own pillow and wound bobbins, already producing lace.  Sorry Jacqueline I will chat with you next week.

Jacqueline left with tutor Marilyn standing

Vanessa who very recently moved into her new home, was table deep in fresh white net curtains, while the knitting circle, as always seem to be sharing a joke or two.

From left to right, Sandy, Eleanor, Shirley and Sue

Chris is just finishing off this gorgeous dress for her granddaughter

Pam was having fun(!) working out the layout for her latest scrappy quilt project, while Christine is thinking ahead to Christmas using up her scrap fabrics.

Tricia and Penny

Trish is getting on with her Japanese themed project, and has now added a border of contrasting gold fabric to the central panel.  Unfortunately I didn't photograph this well, so hopefully I'll see it again next week.  

Penny's geese

Penny was making strange looking white stuffed things, which when I asked, turned out to be white geese.  Of course once that was pointed out I could see the resemblance, and as I was seeing Penny again yesterday I challenged her to show me a finished one.  I'm ashamed to say that I then forgot to photograph it!  Sorry Penny, hopefully she will bring them in again next week to show us the completed gaggle. 

Sharon showed us some striking fabrics she had ice-dyed with Jill over the weekend, along with a
 t-shirt dyed in the same way.  Above are Sharon and Jill holding up the dyed t-shirt, with another amazing fabric below.  

 This is such a satisfying method of dyeing for those of us who have tried it before, that showing us these fabrics prompted almost all of us immediately to say "I'll have to go home and do some now!"

Sharon who visits her friend Jill here several times a year for two or three weeks during school holidays and comes along to Sew&Sews meetings when she's here, has endless energy it seems to me.  This is the third project I have seen her working on in the short time she's been here this time!  Sharon is seen here with a seasonal table runner she has almost completed.

Above, Jan is concentrating really hard threading a needle to continue hemming the binding to finish off her latest patchwork and machine-embroidered quilt, and below is the completed woven crochet blanket made by Maureen and donated as a raffle prize for the exhibition later this year.   These lap sized blankets have proved very popular with Spanish visitors to the show in previous years, so we hope to raise even more money for our adopted causes at this coming autumn exhibition, and there are one or two more being made and donated using surplus yarns donated by past members of the group.

That's another week gone by, thanks for reading and  I look forward to seeing you next time, Rachel

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Back in the seat .........

It´s great to be back after my trip, and firstly I want to thank Yvonne again for taking photos and doing blog updates while I've been away.
Secondly I must say how lovely the blocks are looking for the Raffle Quilt.  I hope everyone enjoyed taking part in the various processes so far, especially those who don't usually work in these techniques.  I think the final quilt will look stunning.  Thank you again to group member Helen (Bush) for her lovely original drawings.

A couple of the quilted and embroidered blocks

It seems that while I've been away, the final stitches have been put into most of the row-by-row quilts too. I'm hoping they will all make their way back to the hall for photographing when they are finished.  Here is Jill adding the last binding stitches to hers below,

and Louise above, doing lots of lovely dense hand quilting.  I have to admit to loving the look of this type of quilting.  Louise told me that she has found it to be really addictive and keeps finding more areas she can stitch!   This is Louise's first venture into the patchwork and quilting world and despite initially being quite scared,  I know she is well and truly hooked. 
After reading about our newest member Marilyn's bobbin lace making in a previous blog from Yvonne, I was surprised to see her embroidering pretty flowers on small patches, with a pile of patchwork blocks alongside them.  

Marilyn has to finish this quilt by June I think, so she has lots to be getting on with over the coming weeks.  In the UK Marilyn belonged to both embroidery and quilting groups separately, and was delighted to hear from friends here in Viñuela, about our Group.  Marilyn says she was directed to our Group Website saw all the different things our members do and thought that the Group would be an ideal one for her to join.
I enjoyed catching up with Eloise again after many months too.  Eloise is making a second Jacobean Fan quilt using foundation piecing.

Eloise, seated, discussing her fan blocks with Christine

Carole below, is making a quilt for her son using up strips left over from previous projects

Jacqueline above, continues to work on her cross-stitch picture and Carol has almost completed her lovely fresh looking tablecloth with  white geese waddling all around the edge of it!

Margaret and Sandy worked on their knitting projects, while Rozanne worked on her latest patchwork project.

Margaret, left, Rozanne and Sandy right.

A cushion cover made by Rozanne to go with bunting shown in a recent blog, made for her granddaughter

Penny above right, has been showing Pam how to make Suffolk buttons.  Quite an uphill feat as Pam herself admits she is not a hand stitcher, much preferring to work by machine..... less fiddly and quicker too!!

Pam's more preferred method of working, patchwork blocks, ready for a Christmas project

Jill too is thinking of Christmas with this stocking.  You´ll get lots of pressies in there Jill!

Helen has almost finished her landscape project

Christine, Cath and Louise

Carol above is modelling a classic style quilted jacket she is modifying slightly, while Sharon below, works on her latest patchwork project.

Sharon had received a parcel of patchwork magazines from a friend in New Zealand, and decided to repay her kindness by making her friend a project from one of the magazines to show her appreciation. 

I think that's about it this week, except to apologise for being so late writing this, it won´t be many days before the next meeting, and I´ll be back again!

Have a good weekend, thanks for stopping by.  Rachel

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Progress being made on the charity quilt blocks......

Yvonne here again.    Let’s start this week off with congratulations to Linda who is now a proud grandma to a baby girl.   And secondly an apology to Margaret with her wool and Christine with her dog quilt, the photos were too blurry to publish!

This week the Diversity group had an informal meeting in a corner of the hall.  Gwen has made various stamps and tried them out on paper and fabric.  


 Jenny is helping her with more ideas for the current   Diversity challenge "The Journey".

One of Jill’s designs on paper.

Anne’s row-by-row finally taking shape, above and below are two of the panels

Tricia looking at the print she has chosen for the border of her oriental hanging.

Penny is back in town and is showing us a colourful table centre.

Gladys and Margaret with a very large ball of yarn!

An overview of part of the room.  Margaret, Shirley and Sandy at the front.

Another new lady joined today, welcome to Marilyn.  She brought along her bobbin lace to show us, ¨Oh what tangled webs we weave¨ comes to my mind!!   Wow so many bobbins.

Jill’s row-by-row is now quilted and ready for the binding.

Helen H. was working on this delightful cross stitch piece.

I finished this hanging above, inspired by Linda Kemshall of Design Matters T.V.  it's hand dyed fabric, free embroidery and mounted on a painted canvas.

Lastly the charity quilt butterfly blocks are getting finished.   Three more quilted and two with the embroidery finished, now waiting to be quilted.

That’s all for now folks, happy stitching, see you next time.   Yvonne